The Internet is essential to your daily operations.

Take some common sense steps to help maintain your systems:

Step #1 – Backup, Backup, Backup.

* You just need to do it.

Step #2 – Explore a Firewall / Router that does more.  There are several brands / packages availalbe – my favorite is one called Pfsense.  A firewall package that has loads of features and is not too difficult to operate.  It’s less than $300 and comes in a compact little device that even can segment your wired network from your WIFI network.

Step #3 – Encourage all employees to operate a secondary email account through one of the free email services such as GMAIL or Yahoo.  Use this free account to sign up for newsetters or other times that you don’t want your business email to be listed.

Step #4 – Make sure all your PCs are updated weekly with Windows Updates.  * Including essential utilities such as Adobe Reader.

Step #5 – Consider switching web browser to Mozilla Firefox. It provides a more secure platform; and you need all the help you can get. I understand that Internet Explorer is required for some sites, but if you can give Firefox a try. It’s my browser of choice.

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