Web Hosting

Guiding you through the process or just doing it for you..

Providing basic, reliable web hosting since 1997.

Remember when you thought that it costs hundreds of dollars per year. Those days are long gone. The majority of businesses want to maintain a web presence, and do it without a lot of costs. Our service does exactly that. If you are looking for a place to host your site, handle your emails and provide great, reliable service, your search is over.

What’s the difference in web hosts?

Most offer the same basic service – showing web pages and handling e-mail. Other services can include databases, advanced scripting, large monthly transfer limits. Many websites need these advanced features, however many don’t.

Our basic plans are designed for those sites that need only the standard web services. We host your web pages; handle e-mail and allow you 24-hour access to change your web pages.

Our basic plan is only $6.25/month (that’s only $75 per year!) Includes email accounts, ftp access and web stats.

Getting started is just a phone call or email away.

There’s no complicated signup procedure.  Just let us know how to contact you and we’ll call or email to get your information.